Transportation Policy Plan

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2040 Transportation Policy Plan

The Transportation Policy Plan (TPP) presents the Metropolitan Council’s policies and plans to guide development of the region’s transportation system.  The TPP must be consistent with the regional vision set forth in Thrive MSP 2040and describe how the transportation system will be developed and operate to support Thrive MSP goals. The Council adopted the 2040 Transportation Policy Plan Jan. 14, 2015.

Public Participation

Transportation Public Participation Plan (18 pages, pdf)

TPP update is under way

The TPP must be updated every four years.  The plan update will focus on ways we can invest in transportation region-wide that will be cost-efficient and safe, and maintain our current infrastructure to enhance its usability and longevity.  See details. 

Transportation is the engine of our regional prosperity

The 2040 TPP lays out a course of action to maintain and enhance our existing facilities, better connect people and communities, and provide more transportation choices that will make the region stronger and a better place to live, through six goals:

  • Transportation System Stewardship
  • Safety and Security
  • Access to Destinations
  • Competitive Economy
  • Healthy Environment
  • Leveraging Transportation Investments to Guide Land Use

Transportation Policy Plan Summary Cover and link. A focus on equity and healthy communities

In line with the equity outcome included in Thrive MSP 2040, the 2040 TPP strategies include equity among the criteria for prioritizing transportation spending across the system. Strategies also highlight the importance of healthy and livable communities for investment decision-making.

For the first time, the plan acknowledges the impact the transportation system has on global climate change. The plan calls for additional evaluation of this impact, and convening partners to discuss how the region can prepare to mitigate the effects of climate change and slow its progress.

More information

Other regional plans

The new regional development guide, Thrive MSP 2040, sets the policy foundations for systems and policy plans developed by the Council. In addition to the Transportation Policy Plan, see the

2030 TPP

The 2030 Transportation Policy Plan was adopted in 2010, and provided the policy direction for regional transportation plans prior to January 14, 2015. 

Earlier versions of the TPP (pre-2010) are also available.