Transportation Improvement Program

Federally-funded transportation improvements for the region

The Twin Cities Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) describes all proposed federally-funded transportation projects within the metropolitan planning area, including highway, transit, bike and pedestrian improvements. The program is pulled together yearly and spans a four-year period.

The Met Council, as the Metropolitan Planning Organization, is federally required to prepare the TIP as a short-range program that complements its long-range transportation plan. The estimated project costs described in the program must not exceed anticipated revenues in any given fiscal year. The Met Council prepares the TIP in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) State Transportation Improvement Program.

Draft 2024-27 Transportation Improvement Program

The Met Council’s Transportation Advisory Board is receiving public comment on the Draft 2024-27 Transportation Improvement Program (PDF). The four-year program includes highway, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian projects proposed in the Minneapolis-St. Paul urbanized planning area, including the seven-county metro area.

These are federal- and state-funded projects that will:

  • Build better roads that improve safety and include all forms of transportation
  • Invest in transit to create a stronger system that supports our growing region and better serves everyone
  • Create community connections by developing and improving bikeways and walkways

Public meeting

Sign up to come and talk with us about transportation improvements in our region at an online public meeting on Tuesday, June 20 from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

Submit comments

Complete this form to provide comments on the Draft Transportation Improvement Program from Friday, May 19 through Monday, July 3 at 5 p.m.

You can also submit comments through:

Program components and process

The TIP must include all federal funds proposed to be spent in the urbanized area. This includes funds granted through the Regional Solicitation process; federal funds programmed by MnDOT for the Metro District; federal transit funds programmed by the Met Council and transit providers; and federal funds programmed for the urbanized portions of Wright and Sherburne Counties and the town of Houlton, Wisconsin.

The program must be consistent with and implement the region’s Transportation Policy Plan and meet the State Implementation Plan for air quality. The TIP and its amendments are reviewed and recommended by the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) and its technical advisory committee, and approved by the Met Council.

2023 - 2026 Transportation Improvement Program Public Comment Report (PDF)

TIP amendments

Sometimes it is necessary to make project changes that cannot wait for the next annual adoption of the TIP. These changes require amendments. The two most common amendments are changes in project scope and changes in project cost. The amendment requests are reviewed and recommended through TAB and its subcommittees, and then moved to the Met Council for approval.

If an amendment request is for a project that is not funded through the Regional Solicitation and not regionally significant, it is eligible for a streamlined amendment process. This allows the Techncial Advisory Committee to review the amendment without the Funding and Programming Committee's review.