TIP Amendments and Administrative Modifications

Sometimes it is necessary to make project changes that cannot wait for the next annual adoption of the TIP. These changes require amendments. The two most common amendments are changes in project scope and changes in project cost. The amendment requests are reviewed and recommended through TAB and its subcommittees, and then moved to the Met Council for approval.

If an amendment request is for a project that is not funded through the Regional Solicitation and not regionally significant, it is eligible for a streamlined amendment process. This allows the Techncial Advisory Committee to review the amendment without the Funding and Programming Committee's review.

2024 - 2027 Transportation Improvement Program

These amendments have been approved by the Metropolitan Council:

Amendment: Regionally Significant Highway Projects (PDF)

2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program

These modifications have been approved by Metropolitan Council staff:

TIP Administrative Modifications (PDF)

These amendments have been approved by the Metropolitan Council:

  1. Hennepin County CSAH 52 Cost Increase (PDF)
  2. Ramsey County Bruce Vento Trail Extension (PDF)
  3. Minnesota Highway 36 Ramp Reconstruction (PDF)
  4. Anoka County CSAH 1 / Mississippi Rive Blvd Cost and Scope (PDF)
  5. SouthWest Transit Mobility Hub (PDF)
  6. SouthWest Transit Electric Buses / Charging (PDF)
  7. Metro Transit Electric Buses (PDF)
  8. SouthWest Electrict Buses (PDF)
  9. Minneapolis East Bank Trail (PDF)
  10. Minneapolis Broadway St Intersections (PFD)
  11. Washington County Cenral Greenway Regional Trail Trailhead (PDF)
  12. METRO Green Line LRT Extension Project (PDF)
  13. Metro Transit Gold Line Parking Structure in Woodbury (PDF)
  14. Hennepin County Hennepin/1st Bikeway (PDF)
  15. MnDOT MN62 Shoulder Repair and Guardrail (PDF)
  16. Met Coucil Travel Behavior Inventory (PDF)
  17. Burnsville Nicollet Ave / MN 13 Preliminary Engineering (PDF)
  18. MnDOT MN 65 Crossover Construction and Drainage (PDF)
  19. MnDOT US 212 Rehabilitation Cost Increase (PDF)
  20. MnDOT US 169 Cable Median Barrier Blakely Twp to Belle Plaine (PDF)
  21. MnDOT US 169 Mill and Overlay Shakopee (PDF)
  22. MnDOT US 169 Bridge Replacement at 63rd (PDF)
  23. Hennepin County University Ave and 4th St Bikeway (PDF)
  24. Chisago County US 8 Expansion into Washington County (PDF)
  25. MnDOT Sec 5310 Cost Increases (PDF)
  26. Dakota County I-35W / Kenwood Trail Interchange Preliminary Engineering (PDF)
  27. MnDOT MN 62 Noise Wall Cost and Scope Update (PDF)
  28. Hennepin County Lake Street Reconstruction, Trail, and Safety (PDF)
  29. SouthWest Transit Charging Stations (PDF)
  30. Metro Transit Blue Line Extension New Start Appropriation (PDF)
  31. MnDOT MN 316 Post-Project Consultant Service
  32. 17 2022 Regional Solicitation Projects for FY 2024
  33. Metro Transit Cost Increase for Fare Collection Equipment
  34. Sherburne CSAH 33
  35. Burnsville Bus Garage
  36. MN 65 Mill & Overlay and Bridge
  37. Stone Arch Bridge