TIP Amendments and Administrative Modifications

These amendments to the 2022-2025 TIP have been approved by Metropolitan Council staff:

TIP Administrative Modifications (PDF)

These amendments to the 2022-2025 TIP have been approved by the Metropolitan Council:

  1. Hennepin County CSAH 35 Signal/Pedestrian (PDF)
  2. MnDOT US 61/10 Burns Avenue Overlook (PDF)
  3. Ramsey County Lexington Parkway Extension (PDF)
  4. MnDOT Electric Carshare (PDF)
  5. MnDOT Mobility Hub Equipment/Engagement; Minneapolis (PDF)
  6. Elect Buses / Charging Stations; SW Transit (PDF)
  7. MnDOT MN 3 Trail Construction; Farmington (PDF)
  8. Metro Transit Orange Line Small Start Grant Appropriation (PDF)
  9. MnDOT US 10 Bridge; Anoka (PDF)
  10. MnDOT MN 156 Retaining Wall; St. Paul (PDF)
  11. MnDOT US 952A; Minneapolis (PDF)
  12. MnDOT MN 3 RR Bridge (PDF)
  13. MnDOT I-94 Oakdale to Lakeland (PDF)
  14. MnDOT  US 169 Edina Noisewall Project (PDF)
  15. Text: Transit Safety Performance Measure Targets (PDF)
  16. MnDOT MN 55 in Rosemount (PDF)
  17. MnDOT MN 55 in Minneapolis (PDF)
  18. Lake Road 4-Lane-to-3-Lane Conversion; Woodbury (PDF)
  19. MnDOT Crossing Signals in Minneapolis (PDF)
  20. MnDOT US 61 Bridge Maintenance in Hastings (PDF)
  21. Dakota County North Creek Greenway (PDF)
  22. MnDOT US 52 Median Crossovers and Temporary Shoulder Widening (PDF)
  23. Minneapolis Safety Projects
  24. Green Line Extension Funding
  25. US 169 Cable Median Barrier
  26. MN Highway 5 Preliminary Engineering
  27. Kellogg Bridge Cost Increase
  28. I-94 Auxillary Lane
  29. Saint Paul Rondo Area Improvements Study
  30. FTA Section 5310
  31. MVTA Burnsville Bus Garage
  32. I-494 Bridge Rehab
  33. US 52 Concrete Surfacing, Rosemount
  34. Gateway State Trail Realignment at I-35E
  35. US 169 Traffic Management System in Shakoppe
  36. I-35W Landscaping in Minneapolis
  37. I-394 Intersecion Modification
  38. Bus Purchase for Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
  39. I 494 in Bloomington, Richfield, and Edina
  40. Metro Transit Electric Bus Purchase