Regional Vehicle Fleet Policy

The regional transit system is comprised of multiple transit providers, with Metro Transit as the largest service provider.  Transit providers other than Metro Transit are often called “Suburban Transit Providers”.  All transit providers receive federal funds through the Metropolitan Council, and are required to comply with federal requirements related to procurement, services, and operations. 


The Regional Vehicle Fleet Policy is intended to facilitate compliance with all federal requirements to assure that vehicles purchased meet minimum standards and to create efficiencies and improve flexibility in the deployment/reassignment of vehicles.  
The Regional Vehicle Fleet Policy addresses: 

  • vehicle selection and purchase

  • maintenance, repairs and inspections 

  • vehicle transfer, replacement and disposal

  • Council funding of revenue and non-revenue vehicles 

  • vehicle numbering and graphics, fleet management including spare ratio, scheduled standbys, state fair fleet expansion buses and Metro Mobility fleet 

  • vehicle equipment including fare collection equipment, standard bus configurations and ancillary equipment