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The Metropolitan Council is committed to valuing and respecting the diversity of our employees, our customers and the citizens of the metropolitan region.

Equal opportunities, fair hiring and a commitment to diversity

We value having a workforce as diverse as the region we serve; we appreciate diverse perspectives and unique talents to help meet the complex needs of our region. We’re committed to ensuring employees are treated fairly and equally without regard to gender, race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, or religious or political affiliation.

We strive to ensure that our contracting and business practices support women- and minority-owned businesses.

Office of Equal Opportunity

Equity lens and initiatives

For our region to reach its full economic potential, all of our residents must be able to access opportunity. Our region is stronger when all people live in communities that provide them access to opportunities for success, prosperity and quality of life.

Promoting equity means:

  • Using our influence and investments to build a more equitable region.
  • Creating real choices in where we live, how we travel and where we recreate for all residents, across race, ethnicity, economic means and ability.
  • Investing in a mix of housing affordability along the region’s transit corridors.
  • Engaging a full cross-section of the community in decision-making.

More about the Council's role in advancing equity

Equity in action

Council services and programs support equity in the region through expanding housing options, improving transit for all, deepening public engagement to ensure Council decisions reflect the needs of all communities, workforce development and supplier diversity.

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