Equity in Action

The Council is working to advance equity in the region

For our region to reach its full economic potential, all residents must be able to access opportunity. Our region is stronger when communities provide all residents access to opportunities for success, prosperity, and quality of life.

We're promoting equity by

  • Using our influence and investments to build a more equitable region.

  • Creating real choices in where we live, how we travel, and where we recreate for all residents, across race, ethnicity, economic means, and ability.

  • Investing in a mix of housing affordability along the region’s transit corridors.

  • Engaging a full cross-section of the community in decision-making.

Council programs and services support equity in the region


Metro HRA Community Choice program; link to videos of Council programs that promote equity.
Expanding housing options
  • Community Choice Housing Program
    This Metro HRA program assists families with Housing Choice Vouchers find housing in areas of opportunity. Coordinators provide families with supportive services to help them achieve self-sufficiency and success in their new neighborhoods.

Improving Transit

  • Better Bus Stops
    Federal funding enables Metro Transit
    to invest in bus stop and customer
    waiting shelter improvements that enhance access to employment and educational opportunities.

  • Student Pass Program
    Metro Transit's Student Bus Pass provides students with a convenient and affordable way to get to jobs, internships, classes, and education events before or after school hours.

  • We Speak Your Language
    Metro Transit's Language Line service enables phone representatives to provide trip plans and transit information in 170 languages with the help of translators.

Supplier Diversity

Workforce Development

  • Urban Scholars Program
    The 12-week summer internship program enables students from diverse backgrounds to gain critical real-world experience through mentorship, guided projects, and leadership development workshops. 

  • Metro Transit Mechanic-Technician Training Program 
    The program combines empowerment training, tutoring and 300 hours shadowing current Mechanic-Technicians, with a goal of preparing participants for successful careers at Metro Transit.

  • Spanish Classes for Bus Operators
    18 bus operators have met weekly to review Spanish vocabulary, practice pronunciation and basic dialogue they can use to communicate with Spanish-speaking customers.

  • Spanish Classes for Transit Police
    20 officers are learning Spanish through Metro Transit's first-ever in-house language training program for police.  The class is designed to help officers build rapport with Hispanics and better serve the people they interact with.

Deepening Public Engagement

  • Public Engagement Plan
    The Council's plan establishes principles and processes to engage people in the Council's decision-making processes, and ensure that Council decisions reflect the needs of community stakeholders.