What We Do

Policy, planning, and essential services

Policy-making and regional governance


Our Public Engagement Plan establishes principles and processes for public engagement to ground Met Council decisions in the needs of community stakeholders and to engage people in the decision-making process.

Council investments in the region

Our governing body — the 17-member Metropolitan Council — plays a key convening role, bringing together communities to develop policies and a shared vision and direction for the region.

Advisory committees on land use, transportation and other topics provide the Met Council with important assistance and advice. Advisory committees are made up of elected officials, members of the public with expertise in specific areas, and representatives of partnering organizations or specific geographic areas.

Planning initiatives

  • Thrive MSP 2040 engaged residents to create a shared vision for the region and maximize opportunities for growth and prosperity.

  • Our regional planning initiatives encompass community planning, housing, parks, transportation, and wastewater and water services.


Our essential services enhance the region’s quality of life and economic competitiveness.

Investing in the region

See how Met Council investments in transit, parks, communities, clean water, and housing benefit communities throughout the region.

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