Metropolitan Council Committees

Metropolitan Council

The 17-member Metropolitan Council is a policy-making board that guides the strategic growth of the metro area.

Standing committees

Metropolitan Council members serve on special committees that meet regularly and make recommendations to the full Council. Standing committee meetings are the best place to provide comment on specific agenda items. To provide testimony at a committee meeting, contact the committee’s recording secretary.

Work groups

We occasionally create work groups to provide a forum for Council members to work with each other and staff to assist the Met Council in performing its duties and responsibilities. Work groups may make recommendations to standing committees or the full Met Council and are not decision-making bodies. If work group membership constitutes a quorum of a standing committee, their meetings are noticed as special meetings of the standing committee.

Advisory committees

Advisory committees on land use, transportation, and other topics provide the Met Council with important assistance and advice. Advisory committees are made up of local elected officials, members of the public with expertise in specific areas, and representatives of partnering organizations or specific geographic areas.