Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a special committee of the Council. The purpose of the Audit Committee is to assist the Council in fulfilling its oversight responsibility for the integrity of the Council's financial and operational results, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and performance of internal audit and external auditors.

Committee members

The Audit Committee consists of eight voting members. Four are Council members and four are external members with expertise in such areas as finance, accounting, auditing, information systems, management, operations or program performance.

  • Judy Johnson, Chair
  • Chai Lee, Vice Chair
  • Deb Barber
  • Susan Vento
  • Andra Roethler, Internal Audit Director, Hennepin County
  • Gracie George, Risk, Compliance and Audit Quality Assurance, US Bank
  • Quinn Gaalswyk, Internal Audit Manager, University of Minnesota
  • Amy Jorgenson, Director, Enterprise Internal Controls, MMB

Staff contact

  • Matt LaTour, Director of Program Evaluation and Audit (651.602.1174)

  • Tamara Rein, Recording Secretary (651.602.1532)

Meeting agendas and minutes

Note: Minutes are not final until approved at the following meeting.

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Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
2/23/2021 Agenda    
11/17/2020 Agenda Minutes  
6/23/2020 Agenda Minutes  
5/19/2020 Agenda Minutes  
2/5/2020 Agenda Minutes  
10/30/2019 Agenda Minutes  
6/19/2019 Agenda Minutes  
2/6/2019 Agenda Minutes  
12/12/2018 Agenda Minutes  
6/28/2018 Agenda Minutes  
2/14/2018 Agenda Minutes  
11/8/2017 Agenda Minutes  
6/14/2017 Agenda Minutes  
2/8/2017 Agenda Minutes  
10/26/2016 Agenda Minutes  
6/22/2016 Agenda Minutes  
1/27/2016 Agenda Minutes  
10/14/2015 Agenda Minutes  
6/17/2015 Agenda Minutes  
4/8/2015 Agenda Minutes  
1/28/2015 Agenda Minutes  
12/10/2014 Agenda Minutes  
9/18/2014 Agenda Minutes  
6/25/2014 Agenda Minutes  
4/23/2014 Agenda Minutes  
1/22/2014 Agenda Minutes  
10/23/2013 Agenda    
6/26/2013 Agenda Minutes  
3/27/2013 Agenda    
1/23/2013 Agenda Minutes  
Meeting schedule

    The Audit Committee meets three times a year, at the call of the Committee Chair.

Committee Openings

    There are no vacancies on the Audit Committee.