Current Committee Vacancies

Council seeks diverse perspectives

Metro area residents who want to help shape regional policy and services are invited to apply for advisory committees to the Metropolitan Council. We rely on these committees to help develop solutions that best serve the entire region.

We seek diverse perspectives — across geography, income, age, race and ethnicity, ability and life experiences — to inform our policy-making and operations.

Process for 2022 openings

All application materials will be reviewed by each advisory committee's selection panel. Finalists will be asked to participate in a 10-minute, remote interview in November with the selection panel before the final decision will be made.

The Equity Advisory Committee advises the Metropolitan Council in its work to advance equity in the metropolitan region. The ultimate goal of this work is to create more equitable outcomes for the people who live and work in the region. More about EAC.

The Equity Advisory Committee members includes people of different races, incomes, abilities, and backgrounds to ensure the Metropolitan Council is hearing from and accountable to the full range of voices and perspectives in the region. EAC membership consists of:

  • 4 Metropolitan Council Members
  • 8 community members are appointed by the Metropolitan Council geographic districts A-H 
  • 9 at-large community members

Vacant seats (priority deadline: November 12)

  • 9 at-large members (4 year terms – January 1, 2026)
  • District E (vacancy – January 1, 2024)
  • District G (vacancy – January 1, 2024)

Materials for applicants


The Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) is a key participant in the region's transportation planning process. This board is where state, regional and local officials, transportation providers, and community members contribute to transportation planning and recommend projects for federal funding. More about TAB.

The board:

  • Provides a discussion forum for state, regional and local officials, transportation providers and community members.
  • Reviews and comments on regional and statewide plans and documents produced by the Council and its partners.
  • Solicits, evaluates and recommends to the Council local and regional projects to receive federal transportation funding, known as the Regional Solicitation.
  • Recommends the region's Transportation Improvement Program, which includes all regional projects that have federal transportation funds being spent over the next four years.

The TAB consists of 34 members drawn from county and city elected officials, citizens, transportation providers, and representatives of state and regional agencies.

Open seats (through 2022 - priority deadline is November 8)

  • Community Member – District A and alternate
  • Community Member – District B and alternate
  • Community Member – District C and alternate
  • Community Member – District D and alternate
  • 2 Transit Representatives and alternates
  • 1 Non-motorized Representative and alternates

Materials for applicants



    Katie Driscoll
    Appointments Coordinator