Current Committee Vacancies

Council seeks diverse perspectives

Metro area residents are invited to help shape regional policy and services through service on Metropolitan Council advisory committees. These committees work to develop solutions that best serve the region.

We seek diverse perspectives to inform our policy-making and operations. Advisory committees members represent different identities across geography, race, gender, age, abilities, sexual orientation, and income.

We deeply value the diversity and intersection of these identities on all advisory committees.

Application process

  • December 9: Priority deadline for all committees.
  • The advisory committees’ selection panel will review applications in December.
  • Finalists will be invited to a 10-minute virtual interview in January with the respective committee selection panels.

Openings by committee

The Audit Committee is a special committee of the Metropolitan Council. The committee assists the Metropolitan Council in fulfilling its oversight responsibility for the integrity of the Council's financial and operational results, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and performance of internal audit and external auditors. More about the Audit Committee.

The Audit Committee consists of 8 voting members:

  • 4 Metropolitan Council members
  • 4 external members with expertise in such areas as finance, accounting, auditing, information systems, management, operations or program performance

Open seats (4 openings)

  • 2 external members (2 year-term through January 1, 2025)
  • 2 external members (4 year-term through January 1, 2027)


The Equity Advisory Committee (EAC) advises the Metropolitan Council in its work to advance equity in the metropolitan region. The goal of this work is to create more equitable outcomes for the people who live and work in the region. More about EAC.

EAC members represent different identities and backgrounds, across geography, race, gender, age, abilities, sexual orientation, and income. This helps to ensure the Metropolitan Council hears from, and is accountable to, the full range of voices and perspectives in the region.

EAC membership consists of:

  • 4 Metropolitan Council Members
  • 8 community members 
  • 9 at-large community members

Vacant seats

  • 1 at-large member (through January 1, 2026)

Materials for applicants


The Land Use Advisory Committee (LUAC) provides advice and assistance to the Metropolitan Council on regional land use, comprehensive planning, and matters of metropolitan significance as requested by the Council. More about LUAC.

LUAC membership consists of:

  • At least 16 members and a Council member as the chair
  • At least one member from each Council district who represents geographic districts in the region.
  • At least half of members must be locally elected officials, such as mayors or city council members

All member terms are four years.

Open seat

  • Districts 1-16 (through January 1, 2027)

Materials for applicants


The Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commission (MPOSC) helps the Met Council develop a long-range policy plan and reviews park and trail master plans for consistency with these policies. The commission reviews and advises the Met Council on an acquisition and development program, including funding priorities for regional parks and trails. MPOSC works in coordination with 10 regional park implementing agencies (counties, cities, and special park districts). More about MPOSC.

MPOSC membership consists of:

  • 9 members including at large member who serves as chair
  • 8 community members who represent geographic districts in the region

All member terms are four years.

Openings (through January 2027)

  • Community Member - District E
  • Community Member - District F
  • Community Member - District G
  • Community Member - District H

Vacancy (through January 2025)

  • Community Member - District D

Materials for applicants


The Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) is a key participant in the region's transportation planning process. This board is where state, regional, and local officials, transportation providers, and community members contribute to transportation planning and recommend projects for federal funding. More about TAB.

TAB creates space for state, regional and local officials, transportation providers and community members to connect and discuss transportation in the region. They review and comment on regional and statewide plans and documents produced by the Council and its partners. Advisory board members solicit, evaluate and recommend local and regional projects to receive federal transportation funding to the Met Council, known as the Regional Solicitation. The board also recommends the region's Transportation Improvement Program, which includes all regional projects that have federal transportation funds being spent over the next four years.

TAB membership consists of:

  • 34 members drawn from county and city elected officials, citizens, transportation providers, and representatives of state and regional agencies

All member terms are two years.

Open seats (through January 1, 2025)

  • Community Member – District E and alternate
  • Community Member – District F and alternate
  • Community Member – District G and alternate
  • Community Member – District H and alternate

Materials for applicants



    Katie Driscoll
    Appointments Coordinator