Investment Review Advisory Committee

The Investment Review Advisory Committee (IRC) provides ongoing oversight and review of the Council’s investment program. The committee is expected to raise questions and make suggestions to staff that will keep the Council in an acceptable range for risk management. The IRC provides feedback on establishing policies, procedures and objectives as they relate to investments, and monitors compliance.

Committee members

The IRC consists of two Council Members, two members with strong relevant financial and investment background who are not Council employees/members, and the Council's Chief Financial Officer / Deputy Regional Administrator. Members are appointed by the Council Chair and approved by the full Council.

  • John Pacheco Jr., Council Member, Chair
  • Diego Morales, Council Member
  • Georges Gonzalez, Chief Financial Officer / Deputy Regional Administrator
  • Cory Kampf, CFO, Finance and Central Services Division Manager, Anoka County
  • Michael Solomon, City Treasurer, City of Saint Paul

Staff contacts


    The Investment Review Committee meets quarterly.

Committee openings

    There are no vacancies on the Investment Review Committee.