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Meeting Agendas and Minutes: 2012 & Earlier

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Committee Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
Metropolitan Council 11/27/2019 Agenda  
Management Committee 11/27/2019 Agenda  
Environment Committee 11/26/2019 Agenda  
Transportation Committee 11/25/2019 Agenda  
Land Use Advisory Committee 11/21/2019 Agenda Minutes
TAC Funding and Programming Committee 11/21/2019 Agenda  
Committee of the Whole 11/20/2019 Agenda  
Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) 11/20/2019 Agenda  
Equity Advisory Committee 11/19/2019 Agenda  
Community Development Committee 11/18/2019 Agenda  
TAC Planning Committee 11/14/2019 Agenda  
Metropolitan Council 11/13/2019 Agenda  
Management Committee 11/13/2019 Agenda  
Environment Committee 11/12/2019 Agenda  
Transportation Committee 11/11/2019 Agenda  
Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commission 11/7/2019 Agenda  
Committee of the Whole 11/6/2019 Agenda  
Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee 11/6/2019 Agenda  
TAB Technical Advisory Committee 11/6/2019 Agenda  
Community Development Committee 11/4/2019 Agenda Minutes
Audit Committee 10/30/2019 Agenda  
Transportation Committee 10/28/2019 Agenda  
Metropolitan Council 10/23/2019 Agenda Minutes
Management Committee 10/23/2019 Agenda  
Environment Committee 10/22/2019 Agenda Minutes
Community Development Committee 10/21/2019 Agenda Minutes
TAC Funding and Programming Committee 10/17/2019 Agenda  
Committee of the Whole 10/16/2019 Agenda  
Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) 10/16/2019 Agenda  
TAB Executive Committee 10/16/2019 Agenda