TAB Executive Committee

The Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) Executive Committee advises the board on emerging transportation issues, new opportunities and initiatives, and board legislative roles.

The committee is composed of nine members:

  1. The board chair: James Hovland
  2. A representative of the Minnesota Department of Transportation: Khani Sahebjam
  3. A representative of the Metropolitan Council: Deb Barber
  4. Two members representing the county board members: Mary Liz Holberg and Debbie Goettel (2nd vice-chair)
  5. One member representing board members from the cities of the first class: Aurin Chowdhury
  6. Two members representing board members from the remaining cities: Mark Windschitl, Chaska (1st vice-chair) and Mark Steffenson, Maple Grove
  7. One member representing the citizen, modal, and remaining agency board members: Peter Dugan, Citizen District H and Brian Martinson, non-motorized transportation


The Transportation Advisory Board Executive Committee meets the third Wednesday of even months usually at 11:00 a.m. Please check the current agenda for the meeting's starting time.

Metropolitan Council
390 Robert St. N.
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Map, transit, directions

Meeting Date Location Agenda, Materials & Video
8/21/2024 11:00 AM Robert Street Room 1A

Staff contacts

Elaine Koutsoukos
TAB Coordinator
[email protected]
Jenna Ernst
Recording Secretary / Program Technical Specialist
[email protected]