Transportation Advisory Board Policies

The Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) was created by the state legislature in 1974 to perform transportation planning and programming for the Twin Cities metropolitan area, as designated by state and federal law. The transportation planning process is based on Minnesota statutes and federal rules and regulations on urban transportation planning.

The Regional Project Selection Process is the process that TAB uses to select projects to receive federal transportation funding through the Regional Solicitation or Highway Safety Improvement Program.

Each project awarded federal funding through the Regional Solicitation is assigned a program year to begin their project. If needed, a project sponsor may request a one-year program year extension, if they meet the criteria in the Regional Program Year Policy.

During the project development process, the project sponsor may want to make changes to the scope of the project. The project sponsor must submit a scope change request for approval to make changes to the scope of the project.

Federally funded transportation projects are included in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). Many scope changes also require a TIP Amendment. The Streamlined TIP Amendment Process allows for minor TIP Amendments to go through a streamlined process for quicker approval.

The Federal Funding Reallocation Policy establishes policy and priority in assigning alternative uses for federal transportation funds when board-selected projects in the Transportation Improvement Program are deferred, withdrawn, or advanced.

The Transportation Advisory Board and its subcommittees encourage the public to comment on items presented at committees and on documents that are released for public comment.