Industrial Online Reporting System

The Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) Industrial Online Reporting System (IORS) is a web-based information system. It allows eligible industrial users to electronically submit reports, permit renewal applications and annual statements to MCES.

The system follows U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidelines established in its electronic reporting rule, CROMERR (Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule). IORS includes all necessary legal, security, and electronic signature functionality to serve as a paperless reporting system. 

How to enroll

Follow these steps to enroll in IORS:

  1. Create a user account using the Account Registration Instructions (PDF).
  2. Complete the Facility Account Registration Form (WORD) and mail to MCES.
  3. Complete and sign the Electronic Signature Agreement (WORD) following the ESA Instructions (PDF) and mail to MCES. 

IORS training

To better serve our customers and continue to practice social distancing in the interest of public health, in-person IORS training is available by appointment only. If you would like to schedule a training session with one of our IORS support team members, please send an email to MCESIndustrialOnlineReporting@ with your request. We will work with you to find a date, time and place (in-person, by phone, Webex or Microsoft Teams meeting) to conduct the training.

Instructions for reporting online

Below are instructions for submitting self-monitoring reports (SMRs), permit renewals, and annual statements online.

Templates for submitting sample results online

The Excel templates below can be used to quickly upload your sampling results when completing your online Sampling Results SMR. We have a basic template available as well as prepopulated templates for facilities with specific discharge limits.

Basic SMR Sample Results Template (Excel)
MCES Local Limits and Strength (Excel)
MCES Local Limits, Strength, and TTOs (Excel)
pH Compliance SMR (Excel)
Strength (TSS, COD) (Excel)
Part 413 – Electroplating (Excel)
Part 421 – Non-Ferrous Metals Manufacturing (Excel)
Part 433 – Metal Finishing (Excel)
Part 437 – Centralized Waste Treatment (Excel)
Part 439 – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Subpart A and C (Excel)
Part 439 – Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Subpart B and D (Excel)
Part 464 – Metal Molding and Casting (Excel)
Part 471 – Non-Ferrous Metals Molding and Forming and Metal Powders (Excel)