Frequently Asked Questions

About the Metropolitan Council

What is the Metropolitan Council?

The Metropolitan Council provides efficient, award-winning services in three primary areas: transit, wastewater collection and treatment, and affordable housing. The Council is also charged under state law with establishing regional growth policies, and long-range plans for transportation, aviation, water resources and regional parks. Its jurisdiction is the seven-county Twin Cities metro area. It employs about 3,700 people, mostly transit operators and wastewater treatment staff.

Who makes governing decisions for the Council?

The Metropolitan Council has 16 members who each represent a geographic district and a Council Chair who serves at large. They are all appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the governor. The State Senate confirms Council member appointments.

How is the Council funded?

The Council's 2015 operating budget of $936 million has several sources of revenue:

  • 38% - user fees, such as transit fares and wastewater treatment charges
  • 50% - state, federal and local government funds
  • 9% - metropolitan-wide property tax
  • 3% - other sources

See Council budget documents.

Where and when does the Council meet?

The Council normally meets at 4 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 390 N. Robert St., St. Paul. Several committees of the Council also meet regularly. See the schedule of Council and Committee meetings.

How can I get involved with the Council?

Residents can stay informed about regional issues through the Council's publications, newsletters and website, and social media, attend Council and committee meetings, and apply for positions on Council Advisory Committees. More about getting involved with the Council and regional issues.

How can I contact Council members and staff?

All Council members' email addresses and phone numbers are listed on the Council Members & Districts page. Staff can be reached by email using this model: [email protected]. For telephone numbers, call the receptionist at 651-602-1000.

Where is the Council located?

The Council's administration and planning offices are located in 390 N. Robert St. in downtown St. Paul. Council location, directions and map. Metro Transit's headquarters are at 560 Sixth Avenue N., Minneapolis. The Council also owns transit facilities, such as bus garages and park-and-ride lots, and wastewater collection and treatment facilities, throughout the region.