The 2040 Transportation Policy Plan (2040 TPP) outlines the plans for regional facilities including principal arterial highways, metropolitan transit services and facilities, and the region’s aviation facilities that communities should reflect in updating your local comprehensive plan. It includes chapters on the characteristics of the existing transportation system; goals, objectives and strategies; transportation finance and the plans and policy direction for each mode. The appendices also provide important resources.

The 2040 Transportation Policy Plan describes two funding scenarios for the highway and transit improvements to the metropolitan transportation system.

  • Current Revenue Scenario: This is the adopted metropolitan transportation system plan which includes affordable improvements. Local comprehensive plans will be reviewed for conformance with this “fiscally constrained” plan.

  • Increased Revenue Scenario: This scenario includes regional projects that could be implemented if additional revenues are made available for transportation. While the local comprehensive plans can include these improvements, they must be described as unfunded and the uncertainty of their implementation clearly distinguished from the rest of the plan.

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