Land Use

To maximize returns on the regional investment in sewer, water, roads, parks, and other infrastructure, we need to consider how land will be used. Existing and future uses translate a community’s forecasted growth into where, when, and how much development occurs in the community. It is this effort that enables effective planning for infrastructure. Other considerations include housing needs, employment patterns, recreational space, and commercial activities. The goal is to create livable neighborhoods, easy access to jobs, connected street patterns, and to protect our natural resources.

The information found here will help you develop a land use plan that meets minimum requirements of the Metropolitan Land Planning Act and is consistent with adopted Council plans and policies. We also identify resources that can help you to meet  minimum statutory requirements. This section also includes optional ideas and examples that you may use to supplement your land use plan. 

Land Use Plan

Existing Land Use
Future Land Use
Density Calculations
Staged Development and redevelopment
Natural Resources
Special Resource Protection

Land Use Resources

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