Review Process

Comprehensive Plan Updates

The Metropolitan Council is responsible for issuing system statements following the update of all metropolitan system plans. Communities must then update their local comprehensive plans to ensure consistency with the most recent adopted regional plans and policies. The Council is responsible for reviewing the local comprehensive plan updates and establishing the review process for these plans.

The Comprehensive Plan Updates page outlines instructions for the entire comprehensive plan update review process with the Metropolitan Council, including:

  • Before Submittal to the Metropolitan Council

  • How To Submit Your Comprehensive plan to the Metropolitan Council

  • Review by the Metropolitan Council

  • Request for an Extension to the 2018 Deadline

  • Plan Adoption

  • Amending Your Plan

Comprehensive Plan Amendments

After your plan is adopted, it is common to amend the plan over time as a result of new development projects, completion of planning studies, changes in policy direction, or routine updates with new information.

The Comprehensive Plan Amendments page provides detailed guidance on:

  • When to Amend Your Plan

  • What To Do Before Amending Your Plan

  • Review Timelines

  • Content Requirements for an Amendment

  • How to Submit the Amendment

  • Administrative Review of Certain Plan Amendments

  • Local Water Management and Local Water Supply Plan Amendments