Comprehensive Plan Updates

All cities, counties and townships within the seven-county metropolitan region must prepare a comprehensive plan and update that plan as needed every 10 years. Fort Snelling and the cities of Rockford, Hanover, Northfield and New Prague are exempt. Counties must prepare comprehensive plans, although Hennepin, Ramsey, Anoka and Dakota Counties do not have to prepare a land use plan.

The Council is charged with reviewing local comprehensive plans. We must review a plan for completeness before initiating the review process for an update or an amendment. A plan update is considered complete when it includes the elements required by statute and contains sufficient information for us to evaluate the following three primary criteria:

  • Conformance with metropolitan system plans.

  • Consistency with adopted policy plans.

  • Compatibility with plans of affected and adjacent jurisdictions.

The minimum requirements sections under each Plan Element page provide you with the necessary information to submit a complete plan for review. These sections will help you understand the review process and steps to take to help you successfully complete your plan update. You can also find a checklist of minimum submittal requirements on your Community Page. Comprehensive plan updates are required to be submitted for review by December 31, 2018.

Before Submittal to the Metropolitan Council
How to Submit Your Comprehensive Plan to the Metropolitan Council
Review by the Metropolitan Council
Request an Extension to the 2018 Deadline
Plan Adoption
Amending Your Plan