Water Resources

The prosperity, quality of life, and continued development of our region all depend on the sustainability of the quality and quantity of our region’s water resources. Our water resources, from our aquifers to our surface waters, are the foundation for growth and vitality in the region. We need to manage our use of our aquifers for water supply, our surface waters for their ecological and development functions, and our land use patterns for their potential impacts to these resources.

Along with policies and strategies on water supply, wastewater, and surface water detailed in the 2040 Water Resources Policy Plan, you will need to develop components in your comprehensive plan to address local issues related to water supply, wastewater, and surface water:

  • A wastewater and comprehensive sewer plan that specifies areas to be sewered by the public wastewater system, sets standards of operation for private systems, and identifies areas that are not suitable for public or private systems.

  • A local water management plan that protects water quality and addresses water quantity issues.

  • A water supply plan that ensures a safe and sufficient water supply now and in the future.

Water Resources

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