Greenhouse Gas Strategy Planning Tool

Comparing strategies to reduce emissions

Climate change is real and is impacting our region now. Your community may be working hard already to address climate change, or you may just be getting started. We’re putting a new tool in your hands to make it easier to prioritize effective strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Greenhouse Gas Strategy Planning Tool uses customized local data from a variety of sources. It models future emissions and allows you to compare mitigation strategies in three key sectors: energy used in buildings, transportation, and land carbon stock in agriculture and forestry. We’ve done the data crunching so you can focus on decision making.

The Met Council is part of the multi-agency initiative under the Minnesota Climate Action Framework to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, become more resilient to the impacts of climate change, and protect Minnesotans from the most severe economic, health, and ecological impacts of climate change. We’re working with you to achieve a future where all the region’s residents can live healthy, productive, and rewarding lives.

Screenshot of the planning tool, with some options selected to show results for Plymouth.

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