Sustainable investments in the transportation system are protected by strategically preserving, maintaining, and operating system assets.


  1. Efficiently preserve and maintain the regional transportation system in a state of good repair.
  2. Operate the regional transportation system to connect people and freight efficiently and cost-effectively to destinations.
Strategies summarized
  • The transportation system is extensive and represents a significant investment over multiple generations. Most resources in this plan will be dedicated to operating, maintaining, and rebuilding what already exists.
  • To maximize investments, this plan supports making the system more efficient and effective and providing for the best user experience the region can afford.
  • The region needs to focus on investments that have the greatest benefit for all users of the transportation system: residents, businesses, and people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

A significant portion of funding is spent every year for maintenance, repair and replacement, and operation, of the existing system. Continued and enhanced system maintenance, repair, and preservation will increase the resiliency of regional transportation infrastructure.