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Access maps and key information about the Twin Cities region or any city, county or township, including charts and data on population, employment, housing, land use and transportation.

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Interactive Maps & Tools

Create your own map from 100+ available data layers. Explore interactive maps and information on several topics, including natural resources, land use and water supply.

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View, save or order maps.

Analysis and Data

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Find insight on recent data and regional trends including construction, economy, housing, population, transportation, and the Council’s annual opinion survey.

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MetroStats: Analysis by Council Research

Read MetroStats, a monthly publication analyzing recent data and trends.

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Tabular Data

Explore and download Council data sets – including building permits, population estimates, and forecasts of population, households and employment – and selected U.S. Census data.

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Metropolitan Council Licensed Data Sets

The Metropolitan Council distributes some GIS data sets that require license agreements and/or fees; including orthophotography, street centerlines and regional parcels.

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Geospatial Data (GIS) is a one-stop-shop, sponsored by MetroGIS, for obtaining geospatial data for the seven-county Minneapolis-St. Paul area.