Affordable Housing Planning & Needs

Determining Affordable Housing Need in the Twin Cities 2011 - 2020

This report was written by an ad hoc panel of advisors to Metropolitan Council staff regarding forecasting the region's affordable housing needs in the decade after 2010. It is the basis for the housing needs numbers the Metropolitan Council has provided to local government to aid them in fulfilling the affordable housing planning responsibilities in the Land Planning Act.

The report describes the methodology employed by the ad hoc panel to determine a forecast of low- and moderate-income new construction housing need for the decade 2011 to 2020 and factors used to allocate this land consumptive housing need among the region's sewered communities.

The report uses the household growth forecasts to 2020 recognized by the Metropolitan Council as of February, 2006. As communities' household growth forecasts to 2020 are formally revised after February, 2006, their share of the region's affordable housing need may similarly change.

The tables entitled, "2011 - 2020 Allocation of Affordable Housing Need by City/Township" are the most current and accurate representation of each community's share of the new construction affordable housing need for purposes of preparing the 2008 comprehensive plan updates. If a community's forecasted growth is formally revised, its new unit affordable need number will also be revised.