Community Policies & Planning

The Council develops the regional comprehensive development plan that helps guide the future growth of the region. The current plan is the 2030 Regional Development Framework, adopted in 2004. The Council is laying the foundation for a new plan, called Thrive MSP 2040, to be adopted in 2014.

The Council also develops more specialized regional plans for transportation, parks, and water resources. The Council coordinates these plans with the long-range comprehensive plans of local communities, and assists communities in their planning efforts.

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2030 Regional Development Framework & Thrive MSP 2040
The Council’s long-range development plan - currently the Regional Development Framework - by 2014 to become Thrive MSP 2040 - sets the directions and guidelines for the region’s future growth and development. Local communities are served by regional systems, planned by the Council, that provide essential services ─ transportation, wastewater collection and treatment, and recreational opportunities offered by regional parks. Local communities coordinate their comprehensive plans with the Council’s regional plans to achieve efficient growth and meet the needs of their residents.

Regional Plans and System Statements

The Council periodically updates its plans for regional systems - transportation, wastewater and parks. Local governments in the metro area may need to change their own comprehensive plans to coordinate with the revised regional plans.

The Council sends each local government within the Council’s jurisdiction a customized document called a “system statement” that shows how it is affected by the Council’s policy plans for regional systems. System statements are intended to help communities amend, if necessary, their local comprehensive plans. 

Planning Assistance

The Council provides communities with a wide range of assistance to help them plan their future.  See the Council's Local Community Planning Resources.