Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Grants

Focus on increasing transit use

The Council’s TOD grants (LCA-TOD) promote moderate to high density development projects located within walking distance of a major transit stop that typically include a mix of uses such as housing, jobs, restaurants, shops, and entertainment.  

Projects are eligible if they are located within a LCA-TOD-Eligible Area within one-half mile of LRT, BRT, commuter rail, or high-frequency express bus stations that are currently operational or will be operational by 2020.  Projects within one-quarter mile of high frequency local bus routes are also eligible. Applicants seeking funding for projects outside of LCA-TOD-Eligible Areas should consider the LCDA or TBRA regular programs. 

LCA-TOD grants allow applicants to apply for funding from the Livable Communities Demonstration Account (LCDA) and Tax Base Revitalization Account (TBRA) in the same application, which helps to reduce uncertainty and expedite TOD projects.  In 2015, applications for TBRA-TOD will be accepted only with concurrent LCDA-TOD applications and awards. 

Applicant Resources

2014 applications were due July 1st and are expected to be awarded this fall. 

Need help in adding your collaborators' names to your application, so you can all work together? See instructions

TOD Cleanup and Development Resources

LCDA-TOD Pre-Development Resources

Funding will be offered in two rounds in 2015 for TOD Pre-Development. Applications will be accepted only through the Council's new online grant application process.  â€‹Fall round applications are due November 2, 2015.  

Review by TOD Experts

The Council sponsors optional design workshops in which a panel of TOD professionals offer input on projects before a full application is submitted. After submittal, each application undergoes a two-step review process.

Contact Information

LCDA Program Officer Erin Heelan (651-602-1633), or
Paul Burns (651-302-1106) or