Met Council grants connect people and placeĀ 

Date: Thursday, December 14, 2023

Buses and trains not only drive you to where you’re going, they help drive the economy by getting people to work, shopping locations, and other destinations. They also help to drive decisions about where development goes, because development near transit helps connect people and places. 

An artist rendering of a new apartment building. Several people walk past on the street in front of the building.Transit-oriented development (TOD) is a focus of Met Council investments in communities. TOD invests in neighborhoods, while giving a boost to transit ridership and taking advantage of the investments the region has made in our transit infrastructure.   

On Dec. 13, the Met Council awarded nearly $5 million in Livable Communities grants to Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Richfield to develop affordable housing and create job opportunities along some of the region’s major transit corridors.  

“The Council awards projects of all different types and sizes,” said Community Development Executive Director Lisa Barajas. “What these projects have in common is that they connect people with the places they want to go by providing more housing, businesses, and other neighborhood destinations closer to transit.”  

Barajas says access to transit is especially critical among households that can’t or don’t have other means of transportation.  

“A livable, prosperous, and equitable region depends on the ability of its residents to get to work, school, groceries, and health services, for example,” said Barajas.  “The Council’s investment in these types of development projects connects more people to transit through well-designed residential and business uses, encourages ridership, reduces the need for driving, reduces energy consumption, and enhances community vitality.” 

2023 transit-oriented development grant awards  


Native American Community Clinic Housing, Minneapolis: $2 million to provide 83 units of new affordable housing and a public plaza space integrated with culturally specific physical, mental, and behavioral health services. The development will provide some supportive housing for individuals and families experiencing homelessness and people with disabilities.  

Aster Commons, Richfield: $1 million towards 38 new units of deeply affordable multi-family housing, with a focus on serving young adults with neurodiverse conditions. Some of the housing will be for people who are without homes and individuals with disabilities.  

892 7th Street East, Saint Paul: $975,000 toward a mixed-use development providing affordable housing to multigenerational families as well as supportive services and retail.  

2441 University Avenue West, Saint Paul: $888,750 toward a partnership that will transform a former furniture showroom and warehouse into creative office space and a nonprofit film studio headquarters with classrooms. It will include community gathering space.  

To be eligible and compete for Livable Communities funding, metro area cities must participate in the Livable Communities program. 75 cities and 1 township are participating in the Livable Communities program in 2023.  

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