Shoreview: Resilient, Responsive and Ready

Date: Thursday, May 23, 2019

The City of Shoreview is proud of its June 2019 Sustainable City Award from the League of Minnesota Cities.

In its Destination Shoreview 2040 Plan, the city says it is “resilient, responsive and ready,” and focuses on energy efficiency, water quality, water conservation, waste reduction and new infrastructure technology.

“It’s a plan that reflects the city’s values of clean water, energy efficiency, and recycling, and the need to respond to a changing environment,” said Alisha Seifert, the city’s Communications Coordinator. “Environmental awareness and stewardship of our lakes, parks, open space and beautiful landscape are an important part of Shoreview history.”

City plan has several areas of environmental focus

Rocks next to an area of tall grasses and blooming wildflowers.Stormwater management: To protect surface waters, the city uses a number of innovative stormwater features to help control the volume and speed of water runoff. It also implemented street sweeping, reduced salt use on roadways, and was an early adopter of restricting phosphorus fertilizers.

Water conservation: Adopted a rate structure for water billing that charges higher rates for higher use, implemented water restrictions and restricted new private wells, and developed public information campaigns.

Sustainable operations: Embraced permeable pavement/pervious concrete technology and built a new, more efficient water treatment plant.

Vegetation and wildlife: Implemented a dynamic shade tree management program to prevent the spread of common tree pests and pathogens to preserve the city’s urban forest and vegetation, and a tree ordinance that protects healthy trees of significant age.

Recycling: Hired a recycling provider that is a nonprofit, zero-waste organization that advances the city’s objectives of communications, education and outreach on sustainable recycling.

Energy conservation: Remodeled its Public Works Maintenance Facility to incorporate recycled building materials and locally fabricated products, earning a LEED Gold certification for sustainability. The city is installing electric vehicle charging stations and participating in the state’s GreenStep program that helps communities achieve their sustainability and quality of life goals.

The City of Shoreview is located about 10 miles north of Minneapolis and Saint Paul and has a population of about 26,000.

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