A fresh beginning for a Twin Cities family

Date: Friday, December 6, 2019

Gratitude comes readily to a local mom, who now has a place to call “home,” along with her teenage son.

Octavia Phillips faced the challenges of being physically disabled, parenting by herself, with no place to go in the middle of the night. Help came from two Metro Transit Police officers, both serving on Metro Transit’s Homeless Action Team. Officers Bev Rodriquez and Kadra Mohamed are part of a team of transit officers that lends help and offers services to people in need, specifically people who are homeless with no shelter. For some, those services can include federal rent assistance in the form of a housing voucher.

The officers connected Octavia and her son with the Metropolitan Council’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority. Octavia refers to Metro HRA Outreach Coordinator Renae Pereira-Webb as one of her angels.

Council officials know Octavia and son Miracus stand a much better chance of succeeding as a healthy, vibrant family within the walls of a safe, stable, and livable home.

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