Council, Minneapolis, St. Paul housing waiting lists open through June 18 at noon

Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Metropolitan Council’s Metro HRA, the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA), and the Saint Paul Public Housing Agency will open its waiting lists for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program for several days beginning June 12. The waiting lists are now closed.

This is the first time all three agencies, the state’s three largest public housing agencies, have opened their waiting lists at the same time. This coordinated effort helps maximize applicants’ ability to be chosen for a voucher, and simplify the application process for residents of the Twin Cities region.

Among the three agencies, applicants will be vying for 7,500 waiting list slots. The lists are used to prioritize the limited number of federally funded housing vouchers available to recipients through each agency.

“The needs for housing assistance in the region are great and resources are limited. These waiting lists are critical to assuring we meet as many needs as possible,” said Terri Smith, director of the Metro HRA. “We know how important stable housing is to helping families be successful at home in their communities.”

Metro HRA and St. Paul both opened their lists previously in 2015. The Minneapolis list was last opened in 2008. Applicants will be chosen for the waiting lists by lottery.

“For decades, the Housing Choice Voucher program has provided a platform for success for thousands of families across the Twin Cities,” said MPHA Executive Director Greg Russ. “We are excited to open up the waiting list so more families can apply for that same opportunity.”

Said Louise Seeba, deputy executive director of St. Paul Public Housing Agency, “There are literally thousands of people in the region who are seeking affordable housing opportunities. The PHA has expanded its preferences to more effectively serve homeless individuals, families, and veterans throughout Ramsey County. We are eager to work with property managers and owners to start addressing this unmet affordable housing need.”

Applications will be available from 8 a.m., Wednesday, June 12, through noon on Tuesday, June 18. Applications must be submitted online, and applicants must complete submission by noon on June 18. The application system will be available 24 hours a day during the open period. Applicants must apply to all three lists separately.

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