Travel on butterfly wings to a regional park

Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Buses and trains aren’t just for getting to work, or the doctor, or a professional sports game.

Several Metro Transit routes go to regional parks. This summer, Metro Transit has wrapped two buses, dubbed Nature Connectors, with an eye-catching painting designed by Minneapolis muralist Greta McLain. The painting prominently features monarch butterflies.

These buses are traveling on routes that lead to some of the most popular regional parks: Minnehaha and Theodore Wirth in Minneapolis, and Como and Phalen in Saint Paul.

“You can experience a ride on transit and then go into the park and experience a waterfall or a trail that you’ve never been on before or a new restaurant nearby that you’ve never tried,” said Kelci Stones, market development specialist with Metro Transit.

“Another hope for this project is that in building usership and connecting people to these amazing natural resources that [people] also become the advocates for these spaces and think about them as their own,” said Council Parks Ambassador Amanda Lovelee.

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