Metro Mobility hosts successful 2015 fall convening

Date: Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nearly three dozen Metro Mobility customers turned out for Metro Mobility’s 2015 Fall Conversation on Oct. 29 at the Oxboro Library in Bloomington.  Metro Mobility’s goal was to provide a friendly setting for customers to give feedback and suggestions on how to improve service.

Roundtable approach

Metro Mobility customers listen as facilitators share highlights from table conversations.Participants joined a facilitator and note taker at tables that seated 5 to 10 people. Using a roundtable approach, facilitators asked participants their opinions about Metro Mobility service. Several topics surfaced in the conversations.
For example, participants stated that Metro Mobility is a good service and were thankful for it, but they desired longer service hours so that they could attend sporting events and other activities after 8 p.m. (Metro Mobility service hours vary by community because they match when regular-route service is available.) Also, customers stated that they would consider using an electronic fare payment if it were available (Go-To Cards), and endorsed the proposal that the Go-To Card and Metro Mobility card be combined for ease of use.
After the robust discussions took place, an individual from each table reported to the whole group the key highlights from their conversation.

Customers pleased with conversational format

Metro Mobility staff will use participant feedback to inform future service changes. Several participants applauded the small table conversation format for this convening. Everyone had a chance to provide their perspectives on a service that is critical to them.
“This is a great turnout,” said Patty T. “I really like having table conversations better than having a forum.”

Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee members assist with event

Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee (TAAC) members provided assistance at the event and actively participated in the conversations.  The committee members present reported back to the full TAAC, and numerous TAAC members have shown an interest in assisting with facilitating future conversations.

Metro Mobility staff, private vendors present to hear direct feedback

Metro Mobility staff and representatives from some transportation vendors also were present at most of the tables. Metro Mobility staff valued the opportunity to connect firsthand with customers, and are discussing options for implementing some of the suggestions offered.
Two more of these conversations are planned for 2016, one in Saint Paul in March and another in June in Minneapolis.


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