Soccer stadium features innovative rainwater reuse system

Date: Tuesday, August 6, 2019

When rain falls on the stadium roof at Allianz Field, the water is collected, stored, filtered, and reused to irrigate trees and grass across the site.

Developed by the City of Saint Paul, the new rainwater reuse system is expected to recycle more than 2 million gallons of rainwater every year.

Fast facts:

  • Collected rainwater is stored in a central tank with 675,000 gallons capacity.

  • Water is processed through a “smart hub” that can read weather forecasts to predict rainfall and adjust water levels accordingly.

  • After being cleaned in the hub, the water is sent out to irrigate 150,000 square feet of public space around the stadium, including 200 trees planted across the site.

The innovative water system will offer new development in the stadium area a source of filtered water for irrigation, laundry, and restroom flushing.

The Metropolitan Council made a grant of $200,000 to the Capitol Region Watershed to help fund the project. The Clean Water Fund of the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment also provided funding.

Fact sheet: Clean water infrastructure at Allianz Field (pdf)

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