Council adopts facility plan for wastewater reuse project in Inver Grove Heights and Rosemount

Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Metropolitan Council has adopted the facility plan for a proposed wastewater reuse project in the southeast metro, giving approval on June 27 to submit the plan to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).  The proposed project advances the reuse of wastewater once it’s been treated by the Council.

The Council has fielded inquiries from private businesses and communities in the past about wastewater reuse in the southeast metro but has yet to provide treated or “reclaimed” water in this part of the region. To do so, the Council would need the facilities and processes in place to treat the wastewater to a higher level required by the MPCA for reclaimed water, compared to what’s required for discharging into the river.

Council awaits decision by Canadian firm Enerkem on proposed development

More recently a Canadian firm, Enerkem, in partnership with local firm SKB Environmental, expressed interest in using reclaimed water at its proposed waste-to-biofuel facility in Inver Grove Heights. The facility is projected to create more than 100 jobs. By using reclaimed water from the Council, Enerkem would avoid withdrawing approximately 1.6 million gallons a day of groundwater as its water source.

For its part, the Council portion of the project is in the planning phase. According to plans, the Council would build water reclamation facilities (filtration, disinfection, storage) in Rosemount to treat wastewater discharged from its Empire Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Council water reclamation facility would be in Rosemount


Map shows route of existing outfall pipe of treated wastewater from the Empire Plant, as well as the location of the proposed Southeast Metro Water Reclamation Facility.The proposed Southeast Metro Water Reclamation Facility would be located at the Council’s former Rosemount Wastewater Treatment Plant at 4005 140th Street East. The project also includes a Council-owned distribution pipe to the 117th Street industrial area in Inver Grove Heights where the potential Enerkem facility would be located.

“The City of Rosemount believes the opportunity to reuse wastewater from the Empire Wastewater Treatment Plant discharge pipe that passes through Rosemount could provide environmental and economic development benefits to the community,” said Rosemount City Administrator Logan Martin. 

The Council held public information sessions and a public hearing earlier in the year, consistent with the process of qualifying for public, low-interest financing for the proposed facilities.

Plan submitted to MPCA as part of the loan approval process

The Council Facility Plan will be submitted for review to the MPCA as part of the loan approval process. The Council is prepared to proceed with the next steps of design and construction pending Enerkem’s decision-making about its waste-to-biofuel project and the execution of agreements with Enerkem about the Council’s design and construction cost recovery.

More information

Draft Facility Plan for the proposed Southeast Metro Water Reclamation Facility (154 pages, pdf).


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