Ring lost in sewer reunited with owner

Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Today, a Rogers woman who lost her diamond ring down the drain 13 years ago thanked the people who found her lost jewel. Mary Strand met with Met Council Maintenance Manager John Tierney to thank him and maintenance mechanics, Todd Bennett and Bruce Jenson, for rescuing the precious diamond from the muck.

Strand inadvertently dropped the ring in her toilet and didn’t notice until it was swirling on the way down. Her husband, who runs a drain cleaning business, attempted to find it with a camera. Unfortunately, his efforts were unsuccessful. 

In March, crews working on a piece of machinery at the Rogers Wastewater Treatment Plant spotted a sparkle coming from the muck. It turned out to be a lost diamond ring. Tierney realized that it was probably special to someone and made a public appeal to find the ring’s owner. Hundreds of people responded and shared photos and descriptions of rings lost down the drain. But only one photo stood out. 

Two jewelers compared the ring with the photo, and both said it was a likely match. On May 8, Strand and her husband identified the ring as the one that was missing.

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