Construction starts on Minnehaha Park area sewer improvements

Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Project will mean some disruptions for residents, park visitors

Construction is under way on a sewer rehabilitation project near Minnehaha Park in south Minneapolis. The main construction area is located north of East Minnehaha Parkway between 38th Avenue and Minnehaha Avenue.

A paved path next to trees.The two-year, $25 million construction project will mean some inconveniences and disruptions that will require the patience and understanding of area residents and park visitors. Work in the initial weeks will include:

  • Tree protection and removal. Environmental Services staff have worked closely with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board regarding tree protection and removal. The Council has compensated the park board for tree removal and replanting; replanting is at the board’s discretion.

  • Security fencing.

  • Erosion control measures.

  • Preparing for the aboveground temporary wastewater conveyance system pipes and pumps.

Temporary wastewater conveyance pipes to be installed starting in October

Starting in October, crews will install the temporary conveyance pipes and pumps. Residents, businesses, and park users can anticipate the following impacts:

  • A section of the Hiawatha Bicycle Trail between the Minnehaha Creek Trail and Minnehaha Parkway will be closed until fall 2021. Bicycle detour signage will be posted along the trail. Parking will not be permitted on East Minnehaha Parkway during this time.

  • An estimated three or four days of roadway closures on Minnehaha Avenue just north of the traffic circle and on 50th Street near Hiawatha Avenue when crews bury temporary conveyance pipes under the road. Traffic warning signs will be posted prior to these closures with as much advance notice as possible.

From the north, the trail detours south of 46th to the west on an existing path, south on 34th Avenue, and east on Minnehaha Parkway. Northbound route is reversed.

Project will ensure integrity of aging sewer pipes

The project will make needed repairs to aging sewer infrastructure in the vicinity of the park’s significant environmental amenities. The existing sewer tunnel located under Minnehaha Creek, Hiawatha Avenue, and the METRO Blue Line light rail corridor was built in 1935 and needs repairs.

The existing sewer tunnel will be cleaned and rehabilitated, and the existing regulator and electrical vaults will be upgraded. This work will preserve the structural integrity of the tunnel and will minimize the risk of failure.

More information about the project

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