New website gives local governments easy access to wastewater flow data, I/I program information

Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Metropolitan Council Environmental Services now offers its local government wastewater customers easy access to metered flow data and inflow/infiltration program information via a new website.

The website went through a customer testing process and has officially launched. Local governments that haven’t yet created an account on the MCES Customer Portal are encouraged to do so.

Sample graph that can be found in the portal.Portal benefits include:

  • Customizable data dashboard allows for a quick view of wastewater flow data that may be useful for planning and prioritizing local sewer system upgrades.

  • Dashboard allows for metershed data to be plotted with rainfall data to help determine how flow responds to wet weather events.

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use download process allows users to get timely, accurate data on demand.

  • Users may submit I/I program information, including work plans and credits, track I/I work, and keep a record of past expenses on the portal.

  • Links, I/I outreach resources, and more.

“We developed this tool in answer to a request from our most recent community task force on inflow and infiltration,” explained Anna Bessel, Assistant Manager for Engineering Programs in Environmental Services. “Our customers now have much easier access to data they need, and our staff time will be freed up for other priorities.

“We think this website will help strengthen our customer relationships by offering a streamlined means of communication,” Bessel said. “It also has the potential to replace other manual processes and interactions between our local government customers and the Council. We will be exploring these in the future.” Local government customers may visit to set up an account. These password-protected accounts are not accessible to other users.

For more information and to provide feedback on your experience with the portal, contact, Marcus Bush at 651-602-1166, or Emma White at 651-602-1068.

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