Metropolitan Council Meeting

Regular Meeting
August 10, 2022 | 4:00 p.m.
Location: Robert Street Council Chambers - Directions
Minutes (PDF)


Call to Order

  1. Roll call
  2. Approval of the Agenda
  3. Approval of July 27, 2022 Metropolitan Council minutes

Public Invitation

Invitation to interested persons to address the Council on matters not on the agenda. Pre-register at Each speaker is limited to a three-minute presentation.


  1. 2022-146 JT: 2022 Budget Amendment - 2nd Quarter (Stewart McMullan, 651-602-1374) 

Consent Business

  1. 2022-202: Parks Legacy Agreement Signature Authorization (Aimee Junget, 651-602-1823)
  2. 2022-205: Blue Line State of Good Repair Phase 3 Design & Construction Support Services, Contract 22P075 (Michael Wnek, 612-349-7634)

Non-Consent Business – reports of standing committees


Community Development

  • Reports on consent agenda


  1. 2022-212: Full Service and Process Mechanical Plant Engineering Master Contracts (Tim Amstutz, 651-602-1221)


  • No reports


  • Reports on consent agenda


  1. Growth Disrupted: Lessons from 2021 Population Estimates (Matt Schroeder, 651-602-1513)
  2. 2023 Preliminary Budget and Levies (Marie Henderson, 651-602-1387)


  1. Chair
  2. Council Members
  3. Regional Administrator
  4. General Counsel


Additional Notes:
Items listed under the Consent Agenda will be enacted by one motion with no separate discussion. If discussion on an item is desired, the item could be removed from the Consent Agenda for separate consideration.

JT:        Joint business item; presented at two or more committees prior to being presented at Council
SW:      Action taken by the Council and Committee the same week
*           Agenda item changed following initial publication

Committee information

Metropolitan Council

Committee contact:
Bridget Toskey