Of the Metropolitan Council

Notice of a Meeting of the
Wednesday, November 7, 2012
Metropolitan Council
9:00 A.M.
1.         Call to Order
2.         Approval of Agenda
3.         Approval of October 3, 2012 Minutes *
4.         TAB Report (Kevin Roggenbuck, TAB Coordinator)
5.         Special Agenda Items
·         Jurisdictional Realignment, Greg Coughlin
·         Highway Transitway Corridor Study, Cole Hiniker
6.         Committee Reports
A.     Executive Committee (Pat Bursaw, Chair)
·         Update on Federal program Delivery Task Force
·         Action Item 2012-40  Annual Certification of TAC Aviation Task Force*
B.      Funding and Programming Committee (Karl Keel, Chair)
·         Update on MAP-21/eligibility of 2012-15 TIP projects/local program impacts for 2012-14
·         Action Item 2012-36TIP Amendment Lake Street Access to I-35W (PE)*
Lake Street Access (attachments)*
·         Action Item  2012-37: TIP Amendment, Transportation Interchange Facility*
Interchange Facility (attachments)*
·         Action Item 2012-39: TIP amendment, Midtown Greenway  Bridge Study*
Midtown Greenway Bridge Study, (attachments)*
C.      Planning Committee (Allen Lovejoy, Chair)
·         Action Item 2012-38 : Minor Arterial Study (Joint TAC Committee Action)*
Minor Arterial Executive Summary (attachment)*
Minor Arterial Draft Final Report (attachment)*
7.         Agency Reports
8.         Other Business
9.         Adjournment
*Materials included