Metropolitan Council Building, 390 North Robert Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Conference Room LLA
11:00 AM – 12:30 PM


I.          Call to Order


II.         April 18 TAB Items

2018-24 Release Draft TPP for Public Comment
2018-28 Streamlined TIP Amendment: 5310, MnDOT
2018-29 Streamlined TIP Amendment: Railroad Signal Equipment, MnDOT
2018-30 Streamlined TIP Amendment: Traffic Management System, MnDOT
2018-27 TIP Amendment: Safety Performance Measure Language
2018-25 Scope Change: Expo Area Safe Routes to School, St. Paul
2018-26 Scope Change: TH 212, HSIP, MnDOT

Information Item – Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)

 III.        May 16 TAB (tentative agenda)
2018-31: Approve HSIP Application

Information Item – Autonomous Future
Information Item – Priorities for $150 M for mobility

 IV.       Scope Change Work Group
 V.       Other

Future Information Items
MnDOT Project Selection (Philip Schaffner) – June 20
Metro Mobility
Regional Model and Forecasting – Travel Behavior Inventory
Orange Line BRT
Railway Funding and Allowable Uses of Funding
Regional Bicycle Transportation Network vs. Regional Trail Plan
Federal Funds Exchange Policy and Process
Northstar Operations
Southeastern MN Development Project/High Speed Rail (North American High-Speed Rail Group)
Future of Transportation Funding
Passenger rail
Public-Private Partnerships
Congestion Mitigation Investment Strategy