Meeting of the Metropolitan Area Water Supply Advisory Committee

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
390 North Robert Street, Chambers
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Committee Members:
Sandy Rummel, Chair Metropolitan Council District 11
Jamie Schurbon Anoka County
Randy Ellingboe Department of Health
Tom Furlong City of Chanhassen, Mayor
Chuck Haas City of Hugo, Council Member
Vacant Dakota County, Commissioner
Julie Ekman Department of Natural Resources
Sandy Colvin Roy Hennepin County
Glenn Skuta Pollution Control Agency
Barry Stock City of Savage, Administrator
Dan Stoddard Department of Agriculture
Steve Schneider St. Paul Regional Water Services, General Manager
Michael Robinson Chisago County
Susan Morris Isanti County
Lisa Vollbrecht Sherburne County
Vacant Wright County


I.      Call to Order
II.     Approval of 10/23/13 agenda and 7/24/13 minutes
III.    Preliminary local forecasts to 2040 – Todd Graham
          “The Metropolitan Council updates its 30-year regional and local forecasts of population, households and employment at least once a decade. Consistent with Minnesota Statutes 473.146 and 473.859, these regional and local forecasts provide a shared foundation for coordinated, comprehensive planning aligned between the Council and local governments.
         Regional Policy and Research released the preliminary local forecasts of population, households and employment for 2040 On September 11, 2013. These local forecasts reflect an analysis of real estate market supply and demand, the future regional transportation network, regional land use policies and local comprehensive plans.
IV.    2040 Groundwater levels and Conditions- Metro Model Results– Ali Elhassan
       “With growing awareness of the problems associated with continued reliance on groundwater specially the Prairie du Chien-Jordan aquifer, an important question is asked “how 2040 forecasted growth will impact our aquifers”. This presentation summarizes the 2040 aquifer levels if the region continues business as usual- relying on groundwater as the main source for water supply.
V.    City of Minneapolis Proposed New Wells – Bernie Bullert & Dale Folen (City of Minneapolis)
        “The City of Minneapolis is proposing to design and construct a system of ground water wells and pipelines.  The system would provide an alternative water source, in addition to the River, for Minneapolis and its suburban customers.  A recent study used the Metro Model 2 ground water model to evaluate aquifer capacity in a few land zones near the Minneapolis water treatment campuses.  From those model results, a few well field options were developed and evaluated.  The project would be completed incrementally until the needed water capacity is achieved, currently predicted to be completed over 10 years, beginning in 2014.  Under normal conditions, the system would be operated on a very limited basis to make sure it remains operational when needed.  This limited use would maintain the Metropolitan Council goal to use surface water wherever possible to preserve Ground Water resources in our region.
VI.    Update of Water Supply Unit Work Plan for 2013- 2015 – Ali Elhassan
VII.   Adjourn

“…water use is sustainable when the use does not harm ecosystems, degrade water quality, or compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”         -- 2009 Minnesota State Legislature