Metropolitan Council Building, 390 North Robert Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Notice of a meeting of the
Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Conference Room LLB
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM


I.          Call to Order


II.         October 19 TAB Items

·         2016-51 Streamlined 2017-2020 TIP Amendment: MnDOT I-94 Resurfacing

·         2016-50 Public Comment Report and 2017-2020 TIP Amendment – Dakota Co.

·         2016-49 Public Participation Plan

·         2016-47 Scope Change:  Minneapolis

·         2016-48 TIP Amendment:  Minneapolis Scope Change (if needed)


III.        November 16 TAB (tentative agenda to date)

·         2016-52 Scope Change: Three Rivers Park District

·         2016-53 TIP Amendment:  Three Rivers Park District Scope Change

IV.        Other

·         Inflation Factor for Regional Solicitation projects – provide direction to staff to prepare for Funding & Programming Committee

·         Regional Solicitation Scenarios – Provide direction to staff to prepare for Funding & Programming Committee

·         Travel Behavior Inventory – provide direction to TAC

·         Unique Projects Criteria – provide direction to TAC on qualifying critiera

Future Information Items
MAC – Noise – Operations
Orange Line BRT
TDM/TMO Update
Railway Funding and Allowable Uses of Funding
Regional Bicycle Transportation Network vs. Regional Trail Plan
Regional Model and Forecasting
Northstar Operations
Southeastern MN Development Project/High Speed Rail (North American High Speed Rail Group)
Highlight Regional Solicitation completed projects
CTIB Projects