TAB Technical Advisory Committee Meeting

Regular Meeting
December 7, 2022 | 9:00 a.m.
Location: Virtual
Minutes (PDF)


Call to Order

  1. Approval of the Agenda (Agenda is approved without vote unless amended)
  2. Approval of November 2, 2022, TAB Technical Advisory Committee Minutes - roll call

Public Comment on Committee Business

TAB Report

Committee Reports

  1. Executive Committee (Jon Solberg, Chair)
    1. TAC Chair Nominating Committee Report
  2. Planning Committee/TPP Technical Working Group (Scott Mareck, Chair)
    1. 2022-48: Metropolitan Airports Commission 2023-2029 Capital Improvement Program (Cole Hiniker, MTS Planning) – roll call
  3. Funding & Programming Committee (Michael Thompson, Chair)
  • No items.


  1. Congestion Management Plan Corridor Analysis Handbook (Dave Burns, MTS)
  2. Regional Transportation and Climate Change Multimodal Measures study (Tony Fischer, MTS)
  3. Climate Action Work Plan (Jeff Freeman, Metro Transit and Tony Fischer, MTS)

Other Business

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Committee information

TAB Technical Advisory Committee

Committee contact:

Joe Barbeau
[email protected]