Meeting of the Environment Committee
Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Council Chambers
4:00 p.m.
Committee Members: Sandy Rummel, Chair Edward Reynoso Wendy Wulff, Vice Chair
  John Đoàn Lona Schreiber  
  Harry Melander Gary Van Eyll  
I.       Call to Order
II.     Approval of Agenda
III.    Approval of the Minutes of the regular meeting of July 24, 2012
IV.     Business
  1. 2012-223 2012 Unified Operating Budget Amendment (John Atkins 651-602-1020)
  2. 2012-257 Authorization to Award and Execute Construction Contract for MWWTP Process Equipment, MCES Project Numbers 805921, 805929, 805955; Contract No. 12P074 (Bryce Pickart 651-602-1091)
V.      Information
  1. OPEB Study (Jason Willett 651-602-1196)
  2. 2013 Capital Program (Bryce Pickart 651-602-1091)
  3. General Manager’s Report no materials included
VI.     Adjournment