Meeting of the
March 27, 2013
390 N Robert Street, Chambers
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Purpose: The purpose of the Metropolitan Area Water Supply Advisory Committee is to assist the Metropolitan council in its water supply planning activities
Committee Members:

Sandy Rumme,Chair - Metropolitan Council District 11
Jamie Schurbon - Anoka County
Randy Ellingboe - Department of Health
Tom Furlong - City of Chanhassen, Mayor
Chuck Haas - City of Hugo, Council Member
Vacant - Dakota County, Commissioner
Dale Homuth -  Department of Natural Resources
Sandy Colvin - Roy Hennepin County
Glenn Skuta - Pollution Control Agency
Barry Stock - City of Savage, Administrator
Dan Stoddard - Department of Agriculture
Steve Schneider - St. Paul Regional Water Services, General Manager
Michael Robinson - Chisago County
Susan Morris - Isanti County
Lisa Vollbrecht - Sherburne County
Elmer Eichelberg - Wright County
I. Call to order
II. Approval of the 03/27/13 Agenda and 01/24/13 Minutes 
III. Legislative Update 2013 – William Moore
     Relationship of regional and local planning and the Department of Natural Resources approval process 

V. Water Supply Technical update 
    a. Groundwater Recharge – Lanya Ross 
        Recharge is shaped by several factors; one factor that can be influenced is land use. Managing recharge across the metro can notably impact the aquifer levels. A map of recharge potential informs how land use decisions could be made to protect and enhance recharge.
    b. Future management scenarios- Brian Davis
        Groundwater levels in Metro Area are predicted to decline in future years as communities continue to meet demand by pumping groundwater. A number of future water supply scenarios show that if future water use is switched to surface water sources, the amount of future aquifer drawdown is decreased.  
VI. Adjourn