Of the Metropolitan Council
Notice of a Meeting of the
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Metropolitan Council
9:00 A.M.
1.         Call to Order
2.         Approval of Agenda
3.         Approval of October 4, 2017 Minutes
4.         TAB Report
5.         Committee Reports
  • Executive Committee (Steve Albrecht, Chair)
    1. Caucuses within representation groups for Nominating Committee
  • Planning Committee (Lisa Freese, Chair)
    1. 2017-27 Metropolitan Planning Organization Memorandum of Understanding with MnDOT (Katie White, MTS)
  • Funding and Programming Committee (Tim Mayasich, Chair)
    1. 2017-28 I-394 and MN 62 TIP Amendment (Joe Barbeau, MTS)
    2. 2017-29 Regional Solicitation: Measures and Scoring Guidance
    3. 2017-30 Regional Solicitation: Weighting of Criteria and Measures
    4. 2017-31 Regional Solicitation: Awarding One Roadway Project per Functional Classification
    5. 2017-32 Regional Solicitation: Modal Funding Ranges
    6. 2017-33 Regional Solicitation: Qualifying Criteria and Eligibility
    7. 2017-34 Regional Solicitation: Funding Category Minimum and Maximum Funding Amounts
    8. 2017-35 Regional Solicitation: Inflation Rate and Year of Cost Estimate
    9. 2017-36 Regional Solicitation: Recommend Approval of Regional Solicitation Packet for Release for Public Comment
      6.         Special Agenda Items
  • TPP Update: Documents Available (Chapter 1/Transportation System and Performance-Based Planning, Chapter 2/Strategies, Chapter 3/Land Use)
  • TPP Update: RBTN Changes (Steve Elmer, MTS)
  • TPP Update: Transit Investment (Cole Hiniker, MTS)
7.         Agency Reports
8.         Other Business
9.         Adjournment
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Streamlined Amendments going to TAB this month. Contact Joe Barbeau with questions at 651-602-1705.
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