Tuesday | October 16, 2018

Council Room 1A | 10:00 AM
Committee Members Organization
Sandy Rummel, Chair Metropolitan Council District 11
Mark Daleiden Wright County
Jeanne Daniels Department of Natural Resources
Karla Peterson Department of Health
Georg Fischer Dakota County
Todd Gerhardt City of Chanhassan
Phil Klein City of Hugo
Catherine Neuschler Pollution Control Agency
Susan Morris Isanti County
Michael Robinson Chisago County
Steve Schneider St. Paul Regional Water Services
Jamie Schurbon Anoka County
Jeff Berg Department of Agriculture
Lisa Vollbrecht Sherburne County
Glen Gerads City of Minneapolis
Patty Acomb City of Minnetonka
Dean Lotter City of New Brighton
Note: Quorum = 9; Voting = Majority of quorum present must vote in favor for it to pass


The purpose of this meeting is to explore opportunities to support conservation and efficiency, as well broader regional water supply sustainability.


  • Follow-up on source water protection discussion at the August 21, 2018 committee meeting
  • MAWSAC is engaged in Metropolitan Council's 2019-2020 Clean Water Fund request (support for regional water supply sustainability)


10:00     CALL TO ORDER



                August 21, 2018 regular meeting of the Metropolitan Area Water Supply Advisory Committee.

10:10     Follow-up from August 21, 2018 meeting

  1. Letters to Legislative Water Commission – Lanya Ross, Metropolitan Council
           Ms. Ross will update the committee about the process to provide input to the Legislative Water Commission regarding their recommendations for groundwater and drinking water strategies.
  1. LUAC-MAWSAC coordination
           An update will be provided regarding LUAC's interest in committee collaboration, including LUAC's response to a presentation on source water protection. Some areas of shared MAWSAC-LUAC interest and responsibilities will be shared.
  1. Source water protection policies
Ms. Ross will share the Council's existing source water protection-related policies, supporting strategies, and desired outcomes.
  1. Discussion
Metropolitan Council staff will lead the group in a discussion of lessons learned in the process to develop letters to the Legislative Water Commission, followed by an exploration of the Council's existing source water protection-related policies.

11:30     Resources for future work: 2019-2020 Clean Water Fund request

  1. Water efficiency overview - Dave Brown, Metropolitan Council
           Mr. Brown will share information about water efficiency goals and work to achieve them. Local examples will be highlighted.
  1. 2019-2020 Metropolitan Council Clean Water Fund request – Ali Elhassan, Metropolitan Council
           Mr. Elhassan will share the Metropolitan Council's 2019-2020 Clean Water Fund request to support regional water supply sustainability.
  1. Discussion
           Metropolitan Council staff will lead the group in a discussion.

12:30     Upcoming MAWSAC Milestones

  1.       How to increase committee member engagement
  2.       Committee member interviews in lieu of next meeting
  3.       Opportunities for input to LUAC meetings
  4.       Opportunities for stakeholder input in CWF process

12:40     Updates from Members

                 MAWSAC members may provide updates on activities they are involved in that other members should be aware of in their own work.

1:00       Adjourn


*               Additional materials included for items on published agenda
**             Additional business items added following publication of agenda
***            Backup materials available at the meeting