Wednesday | March 22, 2017
Council Chambers | 1:00 PM
Committee Members
Sandy Rummel, Chair Metropolitan Council District 11
Mark Daleiden Wright County
Jeanne Daniels Department of Natural Resources
Randy Ellingboe Department of Health
Georg Fischer Dakota County
Todd Gerhardt City of Chanhassan
Phil Klein City of Hugo
Catherine Neuschler Pollution Control Agency
Susan Morris Isanti County
Michael Robinson Chisago County
Steve Schneider St. Paul Regional Water Services
Jamie Schurbon Anoka County
Barry Stock City of Savage
Jeff Berg Department of Agriculture
Lisa Vollbrecht Sherburne County
Glen Gerads City of Minneapolis
Patty Acomb City of Minnetonka
Dean Lotter City of New Brighton
NOTE:  Quorum = 9
Voting = Majority of quorum present must vote in favor of an item for it to pass







           January 25, 2017 regular meeting of the Metropolitan Area Water Supply Advisory Committee.

1:10    TAC UPDATE

           TAC Chair Mark Maloney will provide an update from that committee’s March 7, 2017 meeting including discussion of technical analyses and data needs.

1:20    BUSINESS

          1.    Delivery of MAWSAC Report to Metropolitan Council, Legislature – Lanya Ross, Metropolitan Council
                 Summarize the process to share MAWSAC’s report on water supply planning activities to the Metropolitan Council, legislature,
                 and local stakeholders. Electronic versions of the report and a supporting presentation will be shared.

           2.    Legislative Update – Leisa Thompson, Metropolitan Council
                  An update will be provided about the 2017 legislative session including possible impacts to water supply planning in the metro area.

           3.    PFASs in Washington County – Virginia Yingling, Minnesota Department of Health 
                  Virginia Yingling will provide information about poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in Washington County. Legacy site
                  contamination of groundwater across a large portion of the county was found to have impacted water supplies of over 140,000
                  residents. This presentation will discuss the approach taken by MDH to address emerging contaminant sites while trying to
                  respond to immediate public concerns, some of the strategies employed, and on-going issues related to the gaps in knowledge 
                  about many PFASs that still exist.

           4.    Washington County Municipal Coalition: Water Supply Feasibility Assessment County – Chris Larson, S.E.H. 
                  Chris Larson will provide information regarding a recent study conducted in collaboration with communities in southern Washington 
                  County. This technical assessment provides information about the capital and operational costs, as well as potential benefits of
                  alternative approaches to water supply in Washington County. Reuse of water from pollution containment wells was one of four
                  approaches considered in this effort.

            5.    Policy Discussion of Technical Analyses/Data Collection – Dave Brown/Lanya Ross, Metropolitan Council
                   Lanya Ross and Dave Brown will lead the group in a discussion of policy considerations, informed in part by TAC’s discussion 
                   of technical analyses and data collection. Part of MAWSAC’s role is to shape policy that supports the development and
                   maintenance of a base of technical information for sound water supply decisions.



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