Thursday, June 20, 2019
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
U.S. Bank Center
16th Floor – Minnesota Room
101 East 5th Street, St. Paul, MN 55101
  • Stronger partnerships
  • Deeper understanding of investment and efficiency
  • Perspectives exchanged regarding subregional water supply planning
  • Guidance for collaboration
  • Shared messaging
10:00 am Welcome and introductions
10:30 am Legislative Update
Ali Elhassan will share details of the legislative session related to Met Council’s water supply work. Committee members will be asked to share any additional updates that may be relevant.
10:45 am Communication and Engagement
  1. MAWSAC and TAC have expressed the importance of developing shared messages regarding water supplies in the metro area. Met Council is sponsoring the Water Bar ( on the first day of the State Fair and would like MAWSAC and TAC input
  2. For the past decade, Met Council has used regional groundwater modeling in its water supply planning work to provide regional context and as starting place for more local modeling. As the region’s water supply issues and stakeholder questions evolve, Met Council proposes to continue this work in a way that builds on partnerships and incorporates lessons learned.  [Groundwater Modeling]
11:30 pm Lunch Break
12:00 pm Informational Presentations
  • Update: overview and status of 3M Settlement. Met Council and MAWSAC/TAC member organizations participate in 3M PFC settlement activities. Learn more at (
  • Project update: exploring efficiency program impacts on infrastructure costs and staging
  • Partnerships and collaboration: Subregional water supply in the northwest metro [Ramsey Resolution]
1:00 pm Group Discussion
Committee member perspectives will be exchanged through a discussion with the three presenters
1:30 pm Meeting Summary
  • Take-aways from the meeting will be exchanged among both committees.
1:45 pm Next steps
  • Subcommittee to fill TAC vacancies
  • Call for members to consider vacant Clean Water Council position, if not yet filled
  • Next workshop: Joint MAWSAC/TAC/LUAC in August focusing on local water supply plan trends
2:00 pm Closing